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Paper Themes Personalised Cupcake Wrappers

This Company makes Truly unique Bespoke Cupcake wrappers perfect for weddings christenings baby showers birthdays you name it and  they can personalize it!Rock-n-Roll-Cupcake-Wrapper

i think this is a truly nice touch and a truly unique product. After seeing the quality and design of these products for myself i recommend them to you  i feel they are a must for that personal touch and offer the customer something truly unique. with Hundreds of colours and personalisation to suit you  truly a wonderful product.

Here are some of the designs that they currently have I also feel at £12.99 for a 24 pack that they prove very good value for money http://www.paperthemes.co.uk/wedding-cake-accessories/personalised-cupcake-wrappers/ see all their products here  well worth a look

Weird and wonderful wedding Cakes

After  discussing Cake with a friend she told me she wanted live fish  to be incorporated into her wedding cake. So i went on the hunt to find out what kind of products were already out there and how creative people  were with wedding cakes.4994978053_4605ea3dfb_z

I found so many different creative styles and some of the ones i found to have live fish in them still looked very elegant if not a bit weird. quirky i think some people call it.   Fish

So what are your views on fish incorporated as part of a wedding cake is it right or wrong and would you have it at your wedding?

Christmas Cake Giveaway

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The most amazing Winter Wonderland Cake I have EVER SEEN!

I was looking through some pictures online and I came across the most amazing Wedding Cake ever.

Now with Christmas just around the corner and more and more people choosing to get married with a Winter Wonderland theme. I started to do some research on various cakes and found one by a Scottish Company that i thought was simply STUNNING.

Made by Special Days Cakes

■54 Main Street
■G717LS Uddingston
Tel : 01698 327075

This Cake would set you Back Several Hundreds of pounds but look at the precise detailing and the cute little penguins who could resist such a beautiful cake and let’s be honest it would make an absolutely fantastic centerpiece at any wedding.

With kind thanks to Special days cakes for the use of this image.

All their cakes are simply beautiful and so much work goes into them.

please feel free to have a look on their lovely website