RUDENESS is there a need?

One thing I have already learned since I started my food journey is some people make things quite difficult. Ok because you dont like me for some reason or another and havent told me where ive gone wrong or why you wont talk to me its like anything you cannot please every one all of the time. I love cooking and want to gain as much experience and learn as much as possible from the top. certain people  think they are better than you and can i just say i dont think anyone is better than anyone else and experience has to be learnt from somewhere.

Once upon a time you probably were no better than I am now. I will make it as a chef i know i will i have some really fabulous people helping me but  not everyone is as helpful i went to one place thought i got on great to find out after that that they dont want to speak to me on any terms i think its rude and then wouldnt tell me why. rather unfair i think thats all for now


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